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I have chosen to portray the Unreal.





PatrisS makes his artworks exploring the limits of image editing, his digital paintings enjoy distortion and bright colors.


I studied History of Art for two years in Paris. Passionate about Visual Arts and Image, I am mostly self-taught regarding fields such as Applied Arts, Photography and Graphic Design...


My reverie greatly influences my work. I grew up in the middle of nowhere, in a dull village of South-West of France where there was not a lot to do. As a lonely child, my inner worlds were my refuge.


I could lose myself in observing the details of a pebble, a plant, the sky or a wallpaper. From there, it was like my mind got inside things. Afterwards, by drawing circumvolutions and abstract shapes, I was putting down on paper what I had "seen".

These are my trips into the matter that I try to portray in my artworks today.


My Work


"I like deformation and movement, to create some destructurized visual effects which are actually calculated."


Most of the times, I work from a photograph, sometimes I create an image from A to Z.

I take a photo of some details that attract me, then, with the help of digital technology, I let my fantasy world dive into the matter to modify it. According to my inspiration, flowers, objects or landscapes therefore become a singular mixture of shapes and colors.


My works are quite different from one to another because I like to explore different universes. Do not expect me to be that kind of artist endlessly remaking variations of the same artwork.


From the real to the unreal...


I am not using the image manipulation in order to enhance a picture, but to radically modify it.


The photograph I start from is in fact the raw material that serves as a support to my creation.

From then on, by associating techniques such as the photo manipulation and digital painting, I remodel it, to slide from the real to the unreal...


Vision (print on Dibond)

A real Painting


Digital Painting deserves to be shown as a real Piece of Art, this is why I have chosen to present it as such, like a painting.


Original pictures of optimum quality printing, on a renowned aluminium Dibond backing.

Here we have a Digital Art Picture treated like a real Piece of Art!


  • Art editions are limited to 30 certified numbered copies.




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